IQS Group will be present at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

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Czechs to shine at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, including a new record entered in the Czech Book of Records. IQS Group to present unique nano elements to combat counterfeiting of securities and banknotes and a miniature of the Great Mosque!

IQS Group is a proud partner of EXPO 2020 Dubai. At the same time, it is now launching its exhibition in the Czech pavilion. Members of the professional and general public who are interested have a unique chance to learn about innovations from the fascinating world of nanotechnology in practice.

The Expo, postponed for a year, will dazzle the world with technological wonders, mainly thanks to nanotechnology, an area in which the Czechs are world leaders. In addition to this, the Czech pavilion has been declared one of the ten most interesting. Participation by the Czech company IQS Group contributes significantly towards this.

The company will be exhibiting the latest optical security features for securing banknotes, documents and valuables against counterfeiting as well as planar micro and nano optical elements which enable precise light distribution and also micro-structured elements for bioengineering applications.

“This for example concerns tissue engineering or controlled drug delivery. IQS Group has created a miniature model of the Great Mosque of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca the size of a grain of sand (≈0.5 mm2) specially for EXPO 2020,” said representatives of the Czech company.

Gold-plated model of Mecca’s Grand Mosque, Al-Mastjid al-Haram Mecca

The IQS Group presentation at the Expo will begin in the Czech pavilion on 18 November 2021 with a conference called “Czech Glass Class & Czech Design”, which also includes a hi-tech section. Tomáš Těthal, CEO of IQS Group, will speak on behalf of the company on the topic of “Optical elements at the nanoscale: lower power consumption and higher luminosity.

The permanent exhibition also includes presentation of the IQ Structures division, which develops and manufactures cutting-edge security features for securing banknotes, documents and valuables against counterfeiting. Visitors to the exhibition will see demonstrations of specific security solutions such as holograms for banknotes, personal ID cards and passports, as well as coins and gramophone records with holographic elements.

Security features created by IQ Structures won the 2018 and 2019 International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) awards for best optical security features of the year. With these awards, the IHMA confirmed that Czech hologram developers are currently the absolute world leaders.

IQ Structures used the same technologies to create a special EXPO 2020 hologram with motifs of Czech participation in the world exposition, including special nanographic images of Prague and Dubai. This hologram will be available to buy in the Czech pavilion in the form of stickers, magnets and postage stamps issued by Czech Post.

“The nanostructures by IQ Structures are manufactured at a resolution of tens of nanometres – to give you an idea: a model of a car made using this method has very precise shapes, but you can also park it on a human hair,” says Jiří F. Potužník. “However, for us it is not so much about chalking up another “best” in the Czech Republic, and in this case more of a “best” in the world, but about demonstrating functional and innovative technology and an original design, this being the original point of EXPO.”

In addition to this, visitors can see the latest IQS Group products using nanotechnology at two rotating exhibitions in the Czech pavilion. The first, entitled “Czech Treasures”, will run from 15 to 30 December 2021 and will present unique optical security features for the protection of banknotes, documents, valuables, precious metals and medals in cooperation with the Czech Mint.

The second exhibition “Nanoworld and Bioapplications” will run from 31 December 2021 to 14 January 2022 and will showcase nanotechnologies for recording 2D and 3D structures which create ultralight and robust materials, spatial microstructures for tissue engineering and controlled drug delivery, or planar or planar optical elements directing or/and shaping the light.

“In this exhibition, we will present the possibilities and capabilities of this technology for precision 3D micro and nano printing. We decided to prepare a three-dimensional miniature model of the Grand Mosque of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca as one of the exhibits at the exhibition. This achievement has been entered in the database of Czech records by the Good Day Agency.” added the Director of the IQS Nano Section, Milan Matějka.


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