IQS Group

We are architects in the nanoworld. We use sophistically designed and calculated nanostructures to give materials and products new amazing functions and features.


Uses a revolutionary approach to create thin and miniaturized printed optics with unique features.

IQ Structures

Influences the world of securing the valuables, brings innovative solutions. Make your own hologram.

IQS nano

Focused on the research and development of optical and functional components.


IQS Group companies supply the international market with innovative products and technologies in areas from counterfeit protection, nanostructured optics and 3D printing to medical applications

At the heart of the IQS Group’s international success is a team of engineer scientists and managers with a deep knowledge of the design, implementation, and mass production of nano/micro structured products.

IQS Group benefits from its own intellectual property and know-how in lithography techniques, 3D nano-printing and industrial replication of nanostructured materials.


architecture with detail from 8nm


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of finished products

IQ Structures delivers new, innovative anti-counterfeiting solutions. Combining design and its own cutting-edge technologies, IQ Structures produces complex optical solutions that bring a new level of safety for banknotes, IDs, documents, goods, etc.

IQS NANOPTIQS uses a revolutionary approach to create thin and miniturized printed optics with unique features unattainable by traditional (extruded or moulded) production methods. It produces standard lighting solutions or can work on a special project to meet the clients’ expectations through its own research and development. With application potential in many areas, including LED lighting, galleries, showrooms and automotive lighting.

IQS nano develops lithographic and 3D nano printing technologies in conjunction with the proposal of relevant applications. They are used in anti-counterfeiting, micro/ nanostructured optics, and other fields such as 3D hierarchical architected metamaterials and medical applications.

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Our products and solutions have repeatedly won international awards.

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The company is certified for industry standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. It currently undergoes certification for industry standard ISO 14298.