Come and see thumbnails of objects such as Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Prague Castle, and more that we have prepared for you thanks to our nano recording technology. Enter the fascinating micro and nanoworld. Visit us in the Czech pavilion placed in the Sustainability area and watch our Holographic Storm.

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15.12.2021 – 30.12.2021
IQS Group together with the Czech Mint presents

Czech Treasures

an exhibition of:

Unique optical security features for the protection of banknotes, ID documents, valuables, precious metals and goods. Presentation of holographic quality proof on investment gold, coins and medals with protective holograms.

31.12.2021 – 14.1.2022
IQS nano presents

Nanoworld and Bioapplications

Discover IQS nanotechnology for recording 2D and 3D structures that create ultralight and solid materials, scaffolds for tissue and cell growth for bioapplications, arrays of microneedles for precise and effective drug delivery or planar optical elements directing or/and shaping the light.

Gold-plated model of Mecca’s Grand Mosque.

Arrays of microneedles for drug delivery.

Holographic Storm

The Holographic Storm is a demonstration of how light can be shaped using nanostructured plexiglass plates.

It looks as though there are flashes of lightning behind the plates. But are they real or is it just an illusion?​

In fact, it is an illusion, similar to that of a magnifying glass. What happens if you look, for example, at a beetle through a magnifying glass? The magnifying glass changes the light that passes through it in such a way that it seems we are looking at a much bigger beetle.


Thanks to the sophisticated technology, we embossed the pictures in nanoscale into metallic microparticles. Now you have the most beautiful buildings of Dubai and Prague on the tip of your finger.

Size of the microhologram: 1500 microns (3750 pixels)
Pixel size:
400 nanometres