IQ structures wins tender for protection of Czech ID

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IQ Structures has announced that it has been selected as the supplier of anti-counterfeiting protection for the ID card of the Czech Republic (population 10 million). The thorough selection process took several years, involved major global players and the result is definitive.

The winning solution is based on IQ proID micro-segmentation technology. To the user, it appears as a set of very sophisticated holograms, but in reality they are carefully calculated nanostructures. It offers, among other things, the following advantages:

  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION IN THE CARD. Thanks to the micro-segmentation, no one can remove or tamper the holographic layer. Any attempt to manipulate the holographic layer ends up disintegrating the hologram into thousands of miniature parts.
  • FULL AREA PROTECTION. Nobody’s can change the data. They are protected by an unforgeable and non-removable hologram covering the entire document, up to the edge.
  • EASY SUPERVISION. It is very difficult to fool a supervisor because the various security technologies (security printing, UV and OVI printing, tactile surface embossing and holographic) are integrated into a single design unit that is easy to visually distinguish. This unique design unit can protect different documents, including ID, passport, driving license etc.
  • Special very DISTINCTIVE VISUAL EFFECTS that no one else has yet been able to replicate, including key-hole, see-through holograms in transparent windows, flip-flop (two holograms in one), white 3d bas-relief and full 3d, fluent changes in transparency, combination of transparent and metallic effects and printed elements, etc.

IQ Structures CEO Petr Franc said, “We are extremely pleased with this victory, because the selection process was very thorough. The protective strength, technological maturity and the ability to deliver safely were examined in detail. It was a rare opportunity to objectively compare the technologies available on the global market. We have won a number of awards over the years, but none of them were based on such a thorough analysis of different safety products. We are all the more pleased because even as a Czech company we did not receive any relief.”

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