IQ Structures expands holographic coin assortment to include investment packaging

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IQ Structures, a research and manufacturing organization focused on nanotechnology engineering, a member of the IQS Group, will be supplying luxury packaging alongside its coin holograms, which is also an investment item. This is made possible by a partnership with Subfossil Oak.

The luxury boxes are made from the wood of 6500-year-old oak trees. It is a completely unique material two times older than the Egyptian dynasties, a relic of the Ice Age. These tree fragments have experienced aurochs, mammoths, European leopards and other long-extinct animals. Their age is verified by carbon analysis at the Beta Analytic Laboratory in Miami, Florida. Subfossil Oak is the only company in the world licensed to harvest such wood. It takes it from a depth of 5-6 metres in Northern Moravia (the Czech Republic).

This material is often compared to ivory and is used for the production of various art objects due to its special visual and mechanical properties. Art pieces from subfossil oaks can be seen in the Royal Gardens and Natural History Museum in London, in Manchester, Berlin, Vienna and other places around the world.

There is only a limited amount of legally harvestable subfossil oak wood. It is predicted that all or nearly all will be harvested within a decade or so. Therefore, the price is steadily rising and will continue to rise, making it an interesting investment item.

IQ Structures supplies various types of investment coin packaging, including gold-plated egg-shaped packaging. Each piece of packaging comes with a hologram-protected certificate of origin.

IQ Structures recently announced the launch of a new IQ Mint product for precious metals, a technological solution for anti-counterfeit protection and the visual enhancement of precious metals objects, such as coins, medals and investment bars.

IQ Structures CEO Petr Franc said: ”A commemorative coin is usually a beautiful thing that makes people happy when they get it for their collection and again and again each time they get it out. It is also an investment item. By working with Subfossil Oaks, we deliver more value to the mint in both areas. In addition to the amazing shiny look achieved by the IQ Mint hologram we can add a beautiful box made of a totally unique material. From an investment perspective, the coin is more valuable because it is protected against counterfeiting by our hologram, plus the investment packaging. This combines two unique issues from different areas – to the benefit of mints and their customers.”

Marek Noga, Managing Director of Subfossil Oak commented: “I am delighted to partner with IQ Structures. Together we bring a combination of unique natural materials and the most advanced technologies. A combination of the ancient and the super-modern. The result is both inimitable beauty and a great investment opportunity.”

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