News and trends from a nanoworld

IQ Structures introduces hybrid ID documents

IQ Structures, a research and production organisation focused on nanotechnology engineering, is launching holographic technology for virtual ID cards based on an unforgeable physical document. The new solution overcomes the weakness of leaving holders of the virtual IDs themselves vulnerable to hacking attacks. If there is no physical document and

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IQ Structures confirms entry into a new era of security holography

Nanotechnology engineering beats existing computer generated holography. That’s the main lesson from the Excellence in Holography awards, organised by the industry trade body International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), where IQ Structures, a research and production organisation, a member of IQS Group, won the main category ‘The Best Origination’. It turns

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IQ Structures brings machine-readable holograms

IQ Structures has introduced holograms that can be authenticated automatically. All it takes is a normal light and a mobile phone app. When checking the security features, it can happen that the supervisor is not completely sure of the authenticity and yet, for various reasons, is not able to verify

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