Elevate your ID protection with National Identity Guard (NIG)

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Would you like to take advantage of the world´s best holography (demonstrated by IHMA Award) and No. 1 solution for document anti-counterfeiting protection (Government Security Award winning product IQ proID) for your national ID documents? Do you wish to link your various IDs and other personal documents into a single design? This is what the National Identity guard (NIG) provides.

Ultimate security, amazing beauty

Advanced technology needs to be used in document protection to prevent forgery and at the same time to create a beautiful document. We are aware of this challenge. Our innovative NIG solution demonstrates the possibility of consistent coverage of all national documents with one unified design.  “Security and beauty first”. Highly prestigious for the document issuer, easier for police officers, higher level of security for citizens.

Unified Protection for all ID Documents

ID cards, passports, driving licenses, social security cards, residence permits and more can be covered with a single solution. This integrated approach simplifies authenticity checks, because all a police officer has to do is learn a limited number of protection elements. And the result is an unparalleled safeguarding of both security and appearance.

Engaging national heritage in security

The nature of the concept – multiple large-area holograms – gives the designers a unique tool not only to depict all relevant national symbols, but to reflect the most important national heritage elements and tell visual stories from the country’s history. NIG provides country-specific solutions and shows how the unique visual effects developed by IQ Structures could be used for this purpose. All national documents can thus form a coherent and stunning whole.

Safer with NIG than you ever imagined

Sophisticated mathematical algorithms together with high-end nanofabrication technologies provide the optical security features composing the National Identity Guard with extraordinary resistance to alteration, imitation and counterfeiting. The holograms are integrated into the polycarbonate so that any attempted tampering will result in irreversible destruction.

The solution can cover the entire surface of the document, right down to the fullface, without increasing the cost.

Breathtaking effects

What was unthinkable just a few years ago is now achievable with computer-generated holography. Keyhole, 3D white bas-relief, simulated curvature of space, movement of the object in a different axis than the hologram is tilted, and more. It’s both visually stunning and impenetrable to counterfeiters. The design versatility of the National Identity Guard allows the designers of identity documents to create visually attractive and highly aesthetical optical patterns.

The safest thing

NIG leverages one of the key features of the IQ proID security product – the ability to integrate computer generated holograms with security printing, embossing and other protection technologies to create a visually unified element. This is the holy grail of document security-an increase in security without an increase in complexity for the officer. The most secure thing.

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